Virtual School

Welcome to the Home Page of Levy Virtual School. Levy Virtual School is a franchise of the award winning Florida Virtual School (FLVS). As a Franchise, Levy Virtual School uses the same rigorous curriculum and academic standards as FLVS, but classes are taught by local teachers. This gives students the option of face-to-face interaction and career/academic counseling.

Students must have daily access to a computer with high speed internet access and a telephone to take Levy Virtual Classes.

 What does it cost?

Levy Virtual School is a public school funded program for home, private and public school students living in Levy County.


Is it full time or part time?

Students in grades 6 - 12 can register for full time virtual school or they can take courses to meet individual needs.

Contact Info
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School Board of Levy County
Bronson, Fl 32621

Phone: (352) 486-5231
Fax: (352) 486-5237